Journalist Benjamin Wey Exposes False Charges, Regulatory Abuses

Investigative journalist BENJAMIN WEY is upbeat these days: “I’am not even afraid of death, why would I be concerned about injustice and false accusations from ignorant, racist regulatory abusers?
Courageous investigative journalist BENJAMIN WEY never bends his principles winning against racist retaliation told in NASDAQ’s lies and FINRA’s fabricated “evidence” fed by the fraudulent FINRA general counsel Robert Colby, who orchestrated FINRA NAC fraud, kangaroo court, PLANTED lying “witnesses” in here, in here, in herehere, here, colluded with the corrupt SEC staff Steven Susswein, Cheryl Crumpton, Derek Bentsen – ignorant bigots lying to federal judges, calling Chinese Americans “chinaman” – duped by short sellers in Jon Carnes stock fraud, Roddy Boyd fraudsters, criminal Jon Carnes market manipulation and Roddy Boyd bribery, in here, and here, here, and here, and here. NASDAQ is a $12 billion money tree run by Wall Street fat cats, not a baby with diarrhea. Asian firms have options among 60 stock exchanges worldwide to go public – many have ditched the rigged NASDAQ listing – a dying commodity without scarcity value. We have advised Asian firms to dump the rigged NASDAQ in two largest, multi-billion dollar “going private” deals in recent history – after the racist NASDAQ general counsel Edward Knight was exposed by the Forbes Magazine for discrimination against the Chinese, rigged a Chinese company delisting, condemned by the SEC Commissioners in a historic SEC ruling against the NASDAQ. NASDAQ and FINRA retaliated with lies. Investors don’t care where a stock is listed, if it’s a reverse merger – misconstrued by U.S. regulators, or a risky IPO, says Stanford University. The NYSE, Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett’s company), Burger King, plus 800 other companies are all reverse mergers. Shamelessly, NASDAQ itself wasn’t an IPO. 40% of publicly traded companies in Hong Kong, China, Canada, Australia, UK are reverse mergers – basic knowledge told in a Bloomberg article dated October 26, 2016. The imbecile SEC bureaucrats demonize “Chinese reverse mergers.” But far more Israel-based reverse merger companies are in the U.S. than those from China. Do the anti-Chinese SEC bureaucrats dare label Israeli firms as “Jewish reverse mergers,” in the same way they profile the Chinese? Demonizing reverse merger companies is ignorant, racial profiling and anti-Semitism. Read the latest government missteps on racial profiling Chinese Americans, who are treated as second class citizens, exposed by The New York Times. Let’s #DrainTheSwamp.  
A Totally Fabricated Case – Racially Targeted, Politically Charged: The misinformed SDNY folks were deceived by NASDAQ and FINRA, who made up a law “violation” – after NASDAQ was sued for racism, caught rigging a Chinese company delisting, reversed in a historic SEC ruling. In revenge, three misled imbecile SEC staff  piled on the lies told by NASDAQ’s William Slattery, who invented a Nasdaq “300 round lot gifting rule” in pure fabrication, callously targeted Asian scalps, trumped up a law violation, made up evidence, coerced innocent people to lie, exposed in Congressional inquiries. The SDNY was duped by a false “affidavit” from a notorious agent MATT KOMAR (#22666) – the same rookie got caught lying to judges, fabricating “market manipulation,” fantasizing Asian events 10 years ago when Matt Komar was a high school kid. To advance his own career, the malicious agent Matt Komar concocted a fantasy story with a fired five-week employee (CS-1) named Raymond Phillips, who had extorted us to pay his Alaska child support. Can a law be violated when the law doesn’t exist? – conceded by the SDNY in its own July 8, 2016 court filing: “no formal law existed.” Then WTF is an “informal” law? Rigged? Not surprised: The rogue agent Matthew Komar is the same fraudster sued by renowned attorney Barry Scheck for ruining fund manager David Ganek and Level Global through his fabricated evidence, exposed by The New York TimesWall Street Journal and CNBC video. NASDAQ and FINRA defrauded the SDNY, was exposed, rigged a company delisting (evidence) and retaliated against SEC witnesses after the humiliated NASDAQ fraud was exposed by the SEC. Justice is rotten to the core of a rigged system: the SDNY bigotry is content with being fooled and having their intelligence insulted by FINRA and NASDAQ, abetting a rigged processlynching the Chinese. All because there is NO transparency and accountability! 
Breaking News: On August 12, 2016, in a court filing before well-regarded federal judge Alison Nathan, the crooked agent Matt Komar was slammed for “repeatedly cheating and lying to Magistrate Judge Michael Dolinger… intentionally manipulated the trading data… repeatedly defrauded the court;” On October 6, 2016, the shameless SEC lawyer Derek Bentsen dropped a major “fraud” charge against Asian American lawyer William Uchimoto – after ruining his life; On October 7, 2016, black American broker Talman Harris exposed FINRA, NASDAQ lies in an appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, went public with his pursuit of justice and Congressional investigations into FINRA NAC, racist SEC abusesOn October 21, 2016, the SEC lawyer Derek Bentsen was captured lying to a federal judge 5 times… Regulatory abusers must be publicly exposed in a court of law. We welcome media attention. We expose all liars – we call out their names, no matter who they are. As Americans, when our free speech is muzzled, we lose our souls.  
It’s a fact: Nasdaq’s so-called “300 round lot gifting rule” was fabricated, admitted by the SDNY in court filings on July 8, 2016; It’s a fact: Senior NASDAQ staff has feverishly solicited our co-branded Asian investment club members for years to introduce new listings; It’s a fact: NASDAQ rigged a listingwas sued for racism and lost; It’s a fact: The SEC agreed that NASDAQ had rigged its listing, orchestrated by the shady NASDAQ General Counsel Ed Knight – a $100 million lobbyist, who conspired with FINRA (Robert Colby); It’s a fact: The NASDAQ manipulation was strongly rebuked and reversed in a landmark SEC ruling, reported by the Forbes MagazineIt’s a fact: the disgraced Ed KnightWilliam Slattery, Michael Emen and other NASDAQ staff retaliated, lied to law enforcement; It’s a fact: In 2015, 26 Asian firms dumped the racist NASDAQ in droves (Wall Street Journal)It’s a fact: Counting Bernie Madoff as a NASDAQ Chairman, companies have fled NASDAQNASDAQ is an investors grave and a threat to national security.

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