Job Search Success Hinges on Trump’s 5 Most Popular Words

Job search, follow Trump’s 5 words

Job search is heard. For a job seeker, presenting a polished image is a key to winning an employment. Whether you agree or disagree with Trump’s policies or rhetoric, Trump is a master at the art of the English language. In fact, study shows  Trump’s presidential win is attributed to his skillful use of certain key words during his campaign.

As employers, we all know the importance of winning over customers and learning from winners. A job seeker can certainly learn from Trump’s art of the words and use them properly to help enhance her chances of landing a dream job.


Donald Trump says... We don’t win anymore. It will change. We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning. Believe me. You’ll never get bored with winning. You’ll never get bored! Work hard, be smart and always remember, winning takes care of everything!

You the job seeker: “I want to work for your because you are a winning organization;” “Winning strategies;” “A winning team.”


Donald Trump says…  “We need to build a wall on the Mexican border. We are going to make great trade deals. We are going to bring back our jobs. We will totally dismantle Iran’s global terror network.”

You the job seeker: “We are a progressive firm;” “We are one team;” “We work hard to satisfy our customers…”


Donald Trump says.. “You have to be much smarter, or it’s never, ever going to end. I’m, like, a really smart person.”   (about the 2016 Republican Convention) Trump said his team will “make it interesting and informative, but also smart and different.”

You the job seeker: “We need to be smart with our strategies and plans;” “Smart customers demand smart solutions.”


Donald Trump says… Yesterday was amazing — 5 victories. (on first time voters in their 60s) That’s so amazing…it’s so amazing. (on next steps after winning the Nevada Caucus) It’s going to be an amazing two months.

You the job seeker: “It’s an amazing product;” “What an amazing organization.” “Amazing efforts.”


Donald Trump says… (on meeting with the Republican National Committee officials) … a terrific meeting. (on Obamacare) Repeal and replace with something terrific. (on newly-elected Muslim London mayor) If he does a good job and frankly if he does a great job, that would be a terrific thing.

You the job seeker: “It’s a terrific meeting;” “I really enjoy your terrific mentorship;” “You have a terrific team. I would love to be part of it. ”

In the real world, all employees or employers are disposable. What holds an employment relationship together in a successful firm is a simple philosophy, described by management expert Benjamin Wey:

We are smart people on a winning team doing amazing work for our terrific customers.”

In any job interview, you should always keep in mind: “What unique value proposition am I bringing to this amazing organization? What sets me apart from others?”

Isn’t that smart and terrific career advice? (Yes, I am paraphrasing Trump.) America has so much potential and so do you, the job seeker. Be bold, be aggressive and be confident in yourself. You will be just fine. Good luck job seekers.

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