Journalist Benjamin Wey Defeats $850 Million ‘Sexual Harassment’ Extortion


A highly respected federal judge in New York vindicated FINANCIER BENJAMIN WEY in an $850 million “sexual harassment” lawsuit after a two year ordeal. Before the Swedish cocaine user and party girl HANNA BOUVENG was humiliated and “dumped in the trash,” her outlandish claims of “sexual harassment” and “emotional suffering” were the largest in U.S. history.

“The landslide victory for financier Benjamin Wey is a familiar case of a gold digger’s failed scheme to extort an American,” legal experts say. “Hanna Bouveng’s failed blackmail has tarnished the credibility of women who may have just claims.”

HANNA BOUVENG fled America in total disgrace before the court verdict against her was announced on April 7, 2016.

BENJAMIN WEY has always insisted the Hanna Bouveng sexual harassment lawsuit was pure “extortion” and the cocaine user party girl Hanna Bouveng made up false stories to extort money.

Hanna Bouveng hallucinated after cocaine use,” said a medical expert. “This night club party animal was fired after using cocaine at work, then she extorted her employer with $850 million four months later.”

A renowned medical doctor who testified in court said Hanna Bouveng had suffered no emotional injury whatsoever, contrary to her claims. The doctor concluded:

“Hanna Bouveng’s ’emotional suffering’ was equivalent to someone who at most, had a bad day… which can be easily cured by drinking a cup of coffee.”

Benjamin Wey never had inappropriate relationships with Hanna Bouveng,” said an observer. “Those salacious stories were extortion tactics by the admitted cocaine user Hanna Bounveg, repeated by lying tabloids to burn their readers eyeballs.”

Court records reveal Hanna Bouveng’s admission of illegal drug use at work:



The Bouveng trial garnered lurid tabloid headlines by pitting Hanna Bouveng, the 27 year old admitted cocaine user also known as the “Molly Queen” against a serious Wall Street employer that had a “zero tolerance policy” for illegal drug use at work.

EDWARD WIPPER, Mr. Wey’s well regarded lawyer with the New York litigation powerhouse Oved & Oved, in an email said the recent proceedings were a “vindication of Mr. Benjamin Wey’s position and a positive initial step in rectifying an unjust result.”


During trial in 2015, Benjamin Wey and his lawyers made no comments to tabloid reporters.

“ALL of the alleged, graphic “sexual affairs” described in the tabloid media were 100% attributed to fabricated stories by Hanna Bouveng and her notorious Benedict Morelli lawyers. It was their calculated scheme to coerce Benjamin Wey into a settlement.”

BENJAMIN WEY never settles false claims. I expose them. I fight back till I win,” said journalist BENJAMIN WEY. “If it takes 100 years to win, I will be there!”

As the notorious Swedish extortionist HANNA BOUVENG and her shady Benedict Morelli lawyers pout over a massive courtroom defeat, they are traumatized because a federal judge had the nerve to throw out a misguided $18 million jury trial in 2015 that had unsettled the world of yellow journalists – among the shadiest Dune Lawrence and a racist Barbara Ross of New York Daily Newswho blatantly fabricated a judge’s order to discriminate against Mr. Wey.

Since Benjamin Wey’s victory in court, the shameless DUNE LAWRENCE who bizarrely calls herself an internet troll has declined repeated demand for an apology to Mr. Wey. Abigail Pesta, another tabloid writer and a self-proclaimed “woman for women’s rights” admitted she had been played like a fool by Hanna Bouveng. “I apologize to Mr. Wey. I was duped by Hanna Bouveng and her lawyer Martha McBrayer. It was shameful.”


Benjamin Wey is a persistent journalist, financier and law abiding citizen with high integrity. As a proud American, Mr. Wey fought hard and won against extortion.”


HANNA BOUVENG admitted to using cocaine and ecstasy at work while in New York. A self-proclaimed “Molly Queen,” Bouveng had posted disturbing photos of her alcohol and drug abuses all over the internet which largely contributed to her firing from a six month internship in April 2014. Since returning to Sweden in April 2014, Hanna Bouveng has been engaged in an extramarital affair with her boss, Bistro Linné (former Cafe Linne, Strandvägen 9, Stockholm, ) owner Andre Koluman. In December 2015, Hanna Bouveng wrecked the Koluman family, kicked Mrs. Alexandria Koluman out of their home, dumped their two four year old twins in the cold Scandinavian snow… Meanwhile, Andre Koluman paid his sister Chemme Koluman to lie in a New York trial as a key witness for Bouveng, hiding their “cozy” relationship from the federal judge and the jury.


The federal judge’s deep suspicion of Hanna Bouveng’s stories was corroborated by Hanna Bouveng, said in her own words.

Testified under oath during a jury trial in June 2015, Hanna Bouveng couldn’t “remember” a single detail of “when, where, with whom and how” she was “sexually harassed” – bizarre testimony from a “victim” who said she had been “grossly violated” and “emotionally devastated,” causing her “emotional suffering” worth $850 million.

After changing her stories at least six times in court, Hanna Bouveng was pinned down a specific date by the judge. She quickly lied for the 7th time in court: Mr. Wey’s passport and travel records introduced as court evidence clearly shows that Mr. Wey was with his family in Costa Rica, about 4,000 miles away from Bouveng who was in New York.

“The two were thousands of miles away from each other. There was no superwoman in this case,” Mr. Wey’s lawyer quipped. “Hanna Bouveng lied to the federal judge and the court took notice. It was sad watching Hanna Bouveng getting caught lying.”

In another embarrassing revelation of her lying tongue, Hanna Bouveng said she was “devastated” by Mr. Wey’s “unwelcome sexual advances.” However, court evidence shows the “deeply depressed” Bouveng introduced Mr. Wey to her immediate family members the very next day after she said she had been “sexually harassed and devastated.” Photos taken by Hanna Bouveng’s own brother Oskar Bouveng showed Mr. Wey and Bouveng, her father, her sister’s two year old baby boy as well as other Bouveng family members smiling over lunch at the Swedish parliament, a business trip that had been arranged by Hanna Bouveng herself for Mr. Wey to meet her aunt Helena Bouveng, a member of the Swedish parliament.

“Did you introduce Mr. Wey to your closest family members in Sweden just about a day after you said you had been ‘sexually harassed’ and were ‘devastated’ by Mr. Wey?” the frustrated judge asked during trial.

“Yes, the next day,” Bouveng resplied, her face turned red like a bagel soaked in beet juice.

Grilled under oath, Hanna Bouveng finally admitted her “stories” of “sexual harassment” were fabricated and they had been fed by her shady lawyers David Ratner and Martha McBrayer.


Notorious among her circle of drug user friends as the “Molly Queen” – thanks to her extraordinary appetite for the nightclub ecstasy wonder drug “Molly,” Hanna Bouveng is the estranged granddaughter of the billionaire Nils Bouveng family, founders of the largest specialty aluminum company in Sweden known as “Sapa“. Hanna Bouveng’s internship in New York was about making introductions to her family’s business contacts through her father NILS SUNDQVIST.

In April 2014, Hanna Bouveng was terminated for cocaine use at work as well as her associations with convicted Haitian gun and drug criminals. High on Molly, Bouveng and her drug criminal boyfriend James Chauvet posted hundreds of lewd photos all over the internet – flashing guns, drugs, night clubs and Russian Vodka. Within days after she was fired, Bouveng rushed to see the notorious personal injury “lawyers” David Ratner and Martha McBrayer with a scheme to extort her former employer.

EMILY SAUL, a rookie New York Post tabloid writer and an obscure McGill University kid could hardly hold back her endorsement of cocaine user HANNA BOUVENG, calling the extortionist HANNA BOUVENG “pretty” high on cocaine. It’s unclear to readers if and when EMILY  SAUL may have become a regular customer of the cocaine dealer JAMES CHAUVET, Bouveng’s ex-boyfriend. EMILY SAUL has declined repeated requests for comment. Readers wonder what she has to hide from the public. James Chauvet has a lengthy criminal history involving illegal guns and drugs, according to Chauvet’s extensive criminal record.

High on cocaine and Molly, fantasizing over “easy money” from blackmailing the riches, Hanna Bouveng sued her six-month internship sponsor for “sexual harassment” in 2014 many months after she had been fired. Journalist Benjamin Wey fought back and exposed her fraud, which has led to her disastrous defeat. Read more: WANT TO TRAP SWEDISH WOMEN? ASK CRIMINAL JAMES CHAUVET.

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