Journalist Benjamin Wey

BENJAMIN WEY is an accomplished investigative journalist and financier. 

BENJAMIN WEY is the CEO of New York Global Group, a New York-based strategic consulting and private equity investment firm.

BENJAMIN WEY has an amazing success story as an American entrepreneur: From a teenage boy in China to accepting Valedictorian and full scholarships to study at an American university with only $62 in his pocket, to earning two master’s degrees and helping generate tens of thousands of jobs as an employer and financier.

A graduate of Columbia University Business School with his second master’s degree, BENJAMIN WEY shares his American dream. BENJAMIN WEY is a contributing journalist for TheBlot Magazine and other media outlets.


Latest Articles

Mistakes that will doom your ‘cant miss’ million-dollar idea

Idea is great. Time is money, but for successful inventors, that truism has special meaning. Most successful inventors will tell you that not spending enough time researching your million-dollar product idea before bringing it to market is the biggest mistake you can make. Read More : Benjamin Wey, CEO of New York Global Group, recommends […]

Investors have been making a mad dash to cash

This has been the scariest week in stock market history, at least by one significant measure. Though the market’s certainly seen larger downturns, and in fact is on pace to end the week in positive territory, it’s never witnessed investors flee for the exits in the manner they did since the first correction in four years […]

Dow, Nasdaq close out of correction as stocks extend rebound

U.S. stocks closed more than 2 percent higher in a second straight day of recovery from a recent plunge, with sentiment helped by a rebound in oil and continued signs of strength in the U.S. economy. The major averages ended near session highs after briefly more than halving gains in choppy trade leading into the close. […]

What market timing can really cost you

Admit it: This market has you rattled. It’s hard to watch swings of several hundred points in a matter of minutes, and hard-to-miss images of dismayed traders aren’t helping either. But if you are thinking about bailing on the market, stop and consider the real consequences. Read More: Benjamin Wey, CEO of New York Global Group, […]

Citigroup affiliates to pay $180M to settle hedge fund fraud charges

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced Monday that two Citigroup affiliates agreed to pay almost $180 million as part of a settlement on charges that they defrauded investors. The SEC alleged its investigation found that Citigroup Global Markets (CGMI) and Citigroup Alternative Investments (CAI) “made false and misleading representations to investors” regarding two hedge funds […]

The junk bond market ‘is having a coronary’: David Rosenberg

The biggest trouble sign for stocks may be bonds. High-yield bonds, specifically, often are seen as an effective proxy for movements in the equity market. If that’s the case, trends in junk are pointing to a rocky road ahead. Average yields for low-rated companies have jumped to 7.3 percent and spreads between such debt and comparable duration […]

FAA hid study showing chronic air controller fatigue

WASHINGTON — Air traffic controllers’ work schedules often lead to chronic fatigue, making them less alert and endangering the safety of the national air traffic system, according to a study the government has kept secret for nearly four years. Federal Aviation Administration officials have declined to furnish a copy of the report despite repeated requests and […]

No contest: Why Rubio is clear winner of debate

There are two clear takeaways from the raucous GOP presidential debate. Marco Rubio won it and Donald Trump lost it. Who knows if poll numbers will immediately bear this out. But it’s what happened. Rubio was polished, optimistic, strong on issues, from immigration to education to the economy, and never once reached out in thirst for an […]

Why a Biden Candidacy Is Looking More Viable

At the start of the year when Vice President Joe Biden said he wouldn’t decide whether to enter the presidential race until the summer, the timetable didn’t seem to make sense. If he wanted to take on the colossus in the Democratic field, Hillary Clinton, wouldn’t he have to jump in early and start making […]