Journalist Benjamin Wey

BENJAMIN WEY is an accomplished investigative journalist and financier. 

BENJAMIN WEY is the CEO of New York Global Group, a New York-based strategic consulting and private equity investment firm.

BENJAMIN WEY has an amazing success story as an American entrepreneur: From a teenage boy in China to accepting Valedictorian and full scholarships to study at an American university with only $62 in his pocket, to earning two master’s degrees and helping generate tens of thousands of jobs as an employer and financier.

A graduate of Columbia University Business School with his second master’s degree, BENJAMIN WEY shares his American dream. BENJAMIN WEY is a contributing journalist for TheBlot Magazine and other media outlets.


Latest Articles

Why everyone hates Obama’s signature trade deal

It’s no secret: free trade deals are difficult to get through the U.S. Congress. The TPP’s predecessor, the North American Free Trade Agreement, came into effect in 1994. Two decades later, it’s still a political flashpoint. Supporters say the deal has helped countless small and medium-sized businesses, while opponents say it resulted in thousands of […]

Donald Trump to Visit U.S.-Mexico Border Thursday

BENJAMIN WEY says, Donald Trump will visit the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday, planning a stop in Laredo, Texas for a tour with border patrol agents as controversy continues to swirl over his comments about Mexican immigrants. Full Story: Benjamin Wey, CEO, of NYGG says Donald Trump is trying to redeem himself.

Summer Heat Wave: Millions Under Advisories as East and South Bake

Heat advisories are in place from the coast of Virginia to the bayous of Louisiana — a sweltering swath covering 16 million people. The heat index could top 105 degrees across the Deep South, The Weather Channel reported. The worst of it is expected a short drive from the water in Wilmington, North Carolina, and Myrtle […]

BENJAMIN WEY observed the U.S.-Cuban Diplomatic Ties Officially Restored After 5 Decades

BENJAMIN WEY says, The United States and Cuba restored full diplomatic relations Monday after more than five decades of frosty relations rooted in the Cold War. Read More:

The New York Stock Exchange Has Just Shut Down and New York Airlines Are At A Complete Standstill

Benjamin Wey observed this article, and if you live in the business world this might interest you.. Without announcement, all trading ceased on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as of 11:32am on Wednesday. While off-floor trading is still occurring, every listing on the NYSE board is currently showing “HALT” and/or “No Quotation.” […]


Over the years, I, Benjamin Wey, have learned that entrepreneurs can sometimes seem a little crazy. By that, I mean they see something the rest of us don’t, and they pursue it with a passion that can be all-encompassing. Often, the result can be a multi-million, or multi-billion, dollar business that leaves a lot of […]